The Book

Previously Undisclosed Secrets from the Man of Spiel.Another heroic effort from the Man of Spiel!

Through countless consultations and dark, stormy nights our hero has come once more to the rescue. He is without a doubt persistent.

Here’s another book for the utility belt. It’s got to have oodles of useful stuff between the covers. We’ve bought ours. Have you?

Buy on Amazon.
Even on your Kindle!

What are you waiting for? Lives may be at stake!

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  1. Feel free to direct people to buy through those lovely aff links above, Brian. 😉

    Just so it’s out in the open, Jim didn’t ask for this and I’m not out for personal glory. It was all in good fun and if Jim sells some extra books, that’s cool. If not, we all had a great laugh. 😀

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